Real Life™ VR Limited Edition Headset

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Batman Arkham VR
Super Shooter VR
"I was wanting this to be real since I was a kid, even when it first came out I hesitated and didn't get it, they were too expensive and I didn't really believe it was real, Finally an opportunity to get one came around and I was skeptical at first but then went ahead and did it (placed the order). In just a few days it arrived, I tore thru the box, set it up as fast as possible put it on and felt like I had just traveled to the future, I felt the thrill in an instant"
Star Trek VR
When we looked at VR headsets in 2019, the world was much more binary; there were a few tethered headsets like the Real Life™ and Oculus Rift and a slew of mobile headsets that work in conjunction with a smartphone. A lot can change in a year, and the standalone headsets—which don’t require a PC or a phone—that we said were coming have started to arrive.
Iron Man VR
That said, nothing about the core use case for VR has changed in the last year or two; it’s still mostly about gaming. There have been several furtive attempts to turn VR into more than gaming platforms, such as virtual VR desktops (like the Oculus Desktop and the multi-platform Virtual Desktop) and cinema experiences. But virtual desktops are clumsy, and the video platforms are prima facie inferior to real-world home theaters. Why would you watch a movie in a headset—at an inferior resolution and with the mesh-like screen door effect we see with most headsets—when you can watch it in the real world at 4K instead?
Watch NBA Courtside

That said, Real Life™ is also trying to carve out space in the enterprise, with two products aimed at businesses. The Real Life™ Pro offers a step up from the original Views graphics and is aimed squarely at corporate clients. So too is the forthcoming Real Life™ Focus, a standalone headset that doesn’t need to be tethered to a PC. It’s early days for these products, and it remains to be seen if there are enough industrial, academic, and enterprise applications to let VR gain a foothold in those markets. For now, most of the industry is looking at consumers.

VR Movies

Which means it’s really about games. On this front, VR delivers a payoff that is rarely short of exhilarating. First person games like Arizona Sunshine—a zombie shooter—are heart-pumping visceral. In fact, they can be overwhelming for some players; there’s a difference between watching a horror movie and being in one. But other games have broader appeal. Final Assault, for example, elevates the real-time strategy genre to something like what Star Trek’s omnipotent man-child Trelane would choose to do with plastic toy soldiers.

Nowadays you see VR everywhere, In movies and on T.V, in the mall, they charge $50 just to use it for an hour. Every month a new model comes out with better than before with new features and cost $300- $500!! this gets annoying and you never end up getting any of them. We understand how that feels so with our launch we offer you the chance to be a part of this as you always wanted to. Get 1 on us and jump into the future!



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